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Custom Hand Workmanship

We pay homage to Indonesia’s rich heritage of artisans throughout the entire archipelago whose refined skills have been passed down over generations. We have cultivated relationships with entire villages whose traditions specialize in creative custom handwork in all the various media offered by DUA (timber, brass, copper, stone, shell, leather, weaving, blown glass, metal, natural fibers….) and who understand the language of design & drawings. Casting, carving, sculpting, texturing, aging, painting, stitching, batiking, silk screening, forging, decoupe, montage…..we have no limits and provide custom solutions.  Together we present some of the finest hand workmanship in lighting to a distinguished luxury hospitality platform that demands quality and timely delivery. Together we elevate hand skills and commercial returns for everyone in the circle of creation. This is the commitment DUA has made with Indonesia.