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Company Ethics

DUA’s discerning reputation for excellence is earned by delivering the finest products and services with very competitive value, on budget and on time. We pride ourselves on being endorsed by Canada’s CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) with focus on gender equality and the ecology. We are a |member of the Bali Green Team – EcoSmart  |  Little Tree.  DUA exceeds both the spirit and the letter of the law re: local employment and environmental laws. We are guided by a social quest and support entire village communities (and traditions) that do not flourish in machine coded factories.

We pay homage to Indonesia’s skilled heritage equally honoring & empowering artisans, technicians, engineers, managers. We come from diverse and rich cultural influences – a world where Chinese & Arabian traders first mingled with European explorers in search of silk & spice. Hinduism, Buddhism & Islam flourished and their arts & traditions continue to inspire our sensibilities.