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The DUA philosophy is about quality, timeless style and inspirational embellishments. Each DUA lighting creation emphasizes the unique, experiential & enlightening. Exquisite lighting impeccably handcrafted from a beautiful array of fine natural materials that endure with machine tooled workmanship and a disciplined production methodology to the highest international standards. DUA Lighting consults, designs, manufactures and supplies quality custom decorative & architectural lighting and artworks for interior & outdoor installations.

We understand hospitality contract project requirements and have a comprehensive portfolio of performance achievements. DUA Lighting is creatively based in Bali, Indonesia with affiliates worldwide adhering to global safety certifications (CE, BS, SAA & UL) and IP protocols. We live in a fabulously creative archipelago with a rich heritage of artisans whose refined hand skills have been passed down through generations. We are motivated by simple things – intricate weaves & motifs used daily in Asia’s colorful markets, ornate carvings on Balinese temples or just truck loads of raw materials. DUA absorbs these subtle local influences that we manifest with a contemporary aesthetic while never losing sight of our essential goals ie.  hi end quality, sustainability of native resources and energy conservation.