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General Terms and Conditions:

 1  Payment by Telegraphic Transfer in full amount with terms:
  a. 50% deposit at order confirmation.
  b. 50% prior to export / delivery.
 2  Prices are quoted xworks, valid 60 days from the date of quotation for the entire works as enquired.
 3 DUA reserves unit price adjusment for partial award. DUA reserves price adjustment after mockup /
  sample / prototype production.
 4 For cost and time effectiveness please kindly consider ordering your spare parts / replacement orders
  at time of main order. DUA reserves the right to decline small quantity orders or charge
  higher prices and longer lead times.
 5 All samples (prototypes/mock ups) and production orders will be started after shop drawing approval and
   order confirmation.
 6 Design changes (by Client) after shop drawing approval and order confirmation are subject to DUA  
  approval and may incur extra charges (tooling development) and extended delivery times.
 7 Lead Time: usually 12 (twelve) weeks (may be reduced to 60 days or extended to 120 days) after order 
  confirmation and shop drawing approval date (subject to final PO date). Cancelled orders forfeit deposit   progress
 8 Label & Certification: : All lighting fixtures are manufactured to certified standards with certified electrical 
  components (unless specifically noted).
 9 Prices are inclusive of Carton Box or Carton Roll packing suitable for international FCL sea freight as follow:
  a. 3 ply inner and 5 ply master (with standard DUA labeling).
  b. Extra charges may apply for LCL and Airfreight as well as other packing systems (i.e. wooden crate, printing, 
      bar code, special requests etc).
10  Samples or prototypes: : are charged at 200% of their quoted main production qty order price with the 100% 
  surcharge credited back to you at time of main production order. Extra upfront tooling charges may apply.
11 Policy : DUA samples (mockup & prototype) are manufactured for your final design concept and quality review 
  prior to main order confirmation with the understanding DUA’s quoted prices above are herewith acknowledged 
  acceptable to Client’s provisory budget.
  It is strictly forbidden to use DUA's samples for reverse engineering or counter sampling by others inclusive first 
  party and third party suppliers.
12 In case of Project delivery delays by Client; after initial 1st month grace periode free of charge, DUA will invoice 
  1.5% per month for additional warehouse costs and 1% per month interest charges on outstanding delayed 
  delivery invoice value.
13 Lighting prices are quoted without light sources unless specifically noted.
14 All branded light sources, electronics and imported electrical hardware as per original manufacture's
  guarantees and terms. 
15 Please consult with your freight forwarder and Receiving Warehouse if any damages have occurred from  
  shipment or warehousing mishandling or accident. Photo proofs are to be received by DUA within  
  10 days of damaged / mishandled goods reception so we can assist review and process claims with  
  your freight forwarder or warehouse insurer. 
16 Proprietary Rights: Client warrants having the proprietary design rights to the product ordered to be 
  produced by DUA Lighting.